The Main Issue

A Truly Representative Government

The reason I am running for State Senator is because I believe that both the Republican and Democrat parties are failing at listening to their constituents.  They are too focused on keeping or gaining power for their party and not focused enough on going back to the voters that elected them to hear what they think about the issues.  In today's world with modern technology and social media it is not hard for legislators to hear what voters have to say if they are willing to listen.

I am not a person that will go around giving speeches telling you how you should feel about a subject.  I want to go out and hear your opinion, not shape it.  The following issues and the potential solutions I propose are not carved in stone.  I believe we need to be thinking outside the box of what has become the traditional politician's thinking - maintaining the status quo.  I do believe the issues below are important, but I'm sure there are others that are just as important or more important to you.  I want to hear it, use the contact page to let your voice be heard.  It doesn't matter if you're a Republican, a Democrat, one of the minor parties or an Independent, I want to hear your voice.  Your State Senator shouldn't just represent members of a certain party, but every person.  That is how a representative government should work.
The Other Issues in Brief
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Controlling the Costs of Higher Education

The cost of higher education in the nation is skyrocketing.  It is time to take proactive measures to reduce the cost of education, not continuing to find ways to fund exorbitant tuition, fees, room & board.   ​​

K-12 Education

We need to do more to equalize the quality of education among the districts across the state.  In addition, we need to reduce state legislation and allow local districts more authority.  We also need to make efforts to get the Federal Government out of policy making for our schools.


We are spending billions of dollars on our roads, but really aren't making improvements.  It's time to make wise investments in our infrastructure and make true improvements that will last for decades, not a few years.


Farming is an important part of Michigan's economy and all types of farms and farmers need to continue to be supported.

Eliminating Burdensome Regulation

Michigan has an excessive amount of regulation on businesses, requirements for permits and fees for things as simple as owning a car.  It's time for the state to stop profiting from its citizens who are just trying to live their life.


Corrections is about more than holding someone prisoner, punishment, or even justice.  It is about the safety of corrections officers, inmates and visitors.  It should mostly be about rehabilitation.  Yes,  justice and  punishment are a vital part of keeping society from becoming an anarchy.  However, most prisoners will be released from prison eventually and we all want them to have a chance to succeed and not go back. 

Health Care

Health care and health insurance may be getting a lot of news at the federal level, but we can still do quite a bit as a state to reduce the costs of health care while continuing to improve its quality.