About Christopher
Christopher Comden has been married to his wonderful wife, Jessie, for 23 years and has five children who are also wonderful.  He was born and raised in Sturgis, MI.  Jessie is the CTE Coordinator for GI-TEC Alma High School campus.  Two children have graduated from college and the other three are a high school Junior, Freshman, and  a 7th grader.

Christopher graduated from Aquinas College with a Bachelor of Arts and went on to receive a Master of Theological Studies from Ave Maria Univerity's Institute for Pastoral Theology.  He worked for seventeen years in mostly administrative positions at non-profit organizations related to the Catholic Church and then began serving in a different capacity as Rural Carrier Associate (a.k.a. subsitute mail carrier) for the United States Postal Service.  Unfortunately, the Hatch Act of 1939 qualifies a mail carrier as a federal employee who cannot run for office.  Christopher left the Post Office job, which he enjoyed, in order to campaign to become the next State Senator for District 33.  He is currently working at a manufacturing facility in Alma and resides in Vestaburg.

Christopher has always been motivated to serve others and running for political office has often come to his mind.  When the Michigan legislature voted to raise the gas tax even after the people had overwhelmingly voted to NOT have an increase in the gas tax he knew for certain that his beloved home state was no longer looking out for and listening to its own citizens.  Electing Christopher Comden to become State Senator is the best way to begin bringing our Michigan back into the ownership of the people.